My name is Wendy Putnam. I am a designer living in Fort Lauderdale, FL with my daughter who is pursuing her degree in video production while working a part time gig.

I specialize in digital design with a focus on Web Design, Branding & Social Media.
I earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Graphic Design at FAU, Boca Raton, FL and a Master of Arts in Documentary Video and Multi-Media at FAU, Davie, FL.


Writing in first person…I want to convey who it is you are deciding to hire as your designer. It is my intrinsic nature to tell a story through imagery. I have been doing so since I can remember.

 In 1995, working on my BFA in Graphic Design,  I stumbled upon a paid internship posted on the college employment board.  The job was for a website directory called Enclave.com. I knew nothing about web design but I had a great portfolio so…one week later I was learning HTML….ever so slowly. Eventually after many late night study sessions  on Lynda.com my website was looking good. By the time I developed a directory for every state in the country my design path was clear.

After my degree I worked for two large corporations building out their websites, sometimes, five websites a day for the next four years. I was ready for a change, ready to break out on my own, so I did. The first few years were difficult. Most businesses didn’t understand the need for an online presence, after all they had an ad in the yellow pages. I still have a chuckle when I think back to those early days.

Rustic Inn 1999

Amber @ Rustic Inn 1999

Web design today is very different from the simple HTML that I learned long ago thanks to open source code and CMS (content management system) software.

My clients rely on my design skills and User Experience knowledge to create a fabulous online brand presence for them.

 I have enjoyed working with some of the most excellent people the past few decades of my career, and a hand full, incidentally, are still my clients today.

I am happy to train any employee on how to make changes, add pages, upload photos or content and utilize social media to continue the growth of your online presence without the need for me!

I can take care of every aspect for you, from SEO, google analytics, social share presentation, API keys, etc, oh yes of course the design, eCommerce, paypal,  plug-ins, CSS, java, video production.

Another words….You are welcome to know as much or as little about your website as you desire. I will make it look like and perform like you just hired a huge expensive corporate design firm to represent you!

I offer free quotes when you submit your company information along with what you envision your design needs are via email form. If  you would like to set up a formal BTB consultation to discuss your options feel free to contact me directly for scheduling.

In business, down time is not a good thing. so when your site is complete and you are satisfied with your shiny new user friendly beta tested site,  you can turn your web site, graphics, logos, back-end code and hard copy over to a new hire without any down time transition.

It would be my honor and privilege to help you achieve your online goals.

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