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Design Weaver creates aesthetically pleasing websites that are easy to find, simple to navigate and a pleasure to use is any business arena. So whether your requirements are simple or complex, I have the creative passion and technical expertise to make your site awesome.


Web Design for 2006

Web Copywriting: If you don’t already have your content written for each aspect of your business I can help.  I will find the words that may elude you.

SEO: If you’re interested in search engine optimization (SEO) I can research and write your magic keywords into your site. While I can’t guarantee that you will end up on the first page of internet searches without paying for Google ads, I can ensure that you are organically optimized with the best possible practices for Google and other search engines.

CMS (Content Management System): I create sites that you can easily update yourself. Imagine having your site go live, then be able to add and change content as often as you like. By controlling your own content you can keep your site growing as your business grows, also including a blog as part of your website strategy will keep your website’s content growing as a surefire way to search engine success.

Shopping cart/ E-commerce: If you would like to sell products or services on your site.  You need an e-commerce solution. I can design the look of the site as well as the user experience from the homepage through the final point of sale, develop, test and publish.

Mobile Responsive: Smartphones and tablets are quickly changing the way consumers search for information. I design and code your site to load quickly and look great on a mobile device or iPad.

Domain name & Hosting: If you don’t have a domain name or hosting I can do that for you. If you do already have a domain name I can redirect your DNS to whatever hosting provider you choose.

Ongoing site maintenance: If you don’t have a development team, and you don’t want to go through the learning curve to maintain your own site, it might make sense for us to do it for you. I can maintain your site and make updates as often as you need them.

Print Design


Logo Design for

First impressions are so important! With a strong identity that makes you stand out from the crowd, you have the opportunity to build long-term relationships. Make them remember you with creative design and a memorable brand.

Design Weaver offers a range of creative and technical services that will get you in the game. Become a leading player in your field of expertise, Design Weaver will help you win! So whether you require a simply logo design, a printed brochure or a complex website I can work with you to ensure that your project is a success.



Hand Built Ceramic Camera 1992

I work as a part-time freelance photo journalist for editorial commercial or personal hire. The gallery on this site provides an abbreviated look at the style of my work. Occasionally I do photo shoots of culinary delights, which I really enjoy, but did not include in my body of work. (I am challenged by subject matter that sits still for me!) You will, however, find me posting food photos on my ‘post’ page often! I really like to cook too…but I digress.

If you are interested in hiring me for a photo shoot please keep in mind I shoot in real time. Another words, If you need a project that requires shooting your subject ‘on the go’, not staged, then  I’m your girl!


Buddha Om 2010

‘Buddha’ Acrylic on Canvas 2012

I am also a part-time freelance artist for hire! I can create anything you can imagineer or if you like something you see in my portfolio feel free to contact me to see if it is available.

Thinking about a mural in your office? Maybe you want your brand to extend beyond your website and business cards? I have a very diverse background in various mediums so hit me up with an idea. I am also happy to travel to any location word wide. No project is too big or small. : )

Contact me for a free quote or to schedule a consultation.

Office: 954-632-8613